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Music Alliance Pact wrzesień 2013


Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 29-track compilation through Ge.tt here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie


Download: Travesti-Beduino(Argentina).mp3

Fernando Floxon and Alejandro Torres are the cosmic rockers behind Travesti, a band whose music is often associated with transgression and misunderstanding, with songs that are dense, powerful and provocative. Their lyrics, always clever, rough, usually offer a certain social criticism. Beduino is our favorite from Suicidio Latino, their fourth studio album.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?


Download: Manor-Architecture.mp3

The general assumption that tormented bed friends make better musicians most of the time is true – right? In respectable ‘dream-pop duo’ tradition, we hope these two are. Architecture is timeless pop right from the first off-beat. The track is set with slingback hooks, dreamy vocals and a fledging groove that sounds too much like Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek doing a cover of Men At Work’s Land Down Under for anyone to ignore.

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig

Beach Girls And The MonsterI Go Surfing

Download: Beach%20Girls%20And%20The%20Monster%20-%20I%20Go%20Surfing%20(Austria).mp3

This band draws their inspiration from American surf rock of the 1960s. Accordingly, their rendition of The Beach Boys’ Kokomo suits them so very well, not only because of the obvious band name correlation, but also because it blends perfectly into their own sounds. The aptly titled I Go Surfing is the first song of their four-track 7″ EP of the same name that was released earlier this year.

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado

A Fase RosaCasa

Download: a%20fase%20rosa%20-%20casa%20%28brazil%29.mp3

Música Popular Brasileira meets alternative rock at its best. This four-piece band is one to keep our eyes and ears on.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts

The Provincial ArchiveCommon Cards

Download: The_Provincial_Archive_Common_Cards_CANADA.mp3

Back in 2011, Edmonton, Alberta’s The Provincial Archives made Canadian music touring history by being the first band to actually play live in each Canadian province’s actual archive; 10 shows billed as The Provincial Archive LIVE at the Provincial Archive. Common Cards marks their recorded music return, and is the first taste of music from their forthcoming third LP.

CHILE: Super 45


Download: Otono_-_Scheider_-_Chile.mp3

After eight years of silence, Otoño are back with their psychedelic guitar-rock. Their atmospheric, drowsy sound grows every second until it explodes in a whirlwind of white noise, a perfect landscape for their gloomy, self-reflective lyrics. Scheider is taken from the quartet’s Páramos EP, released via LeRockPsicophonique.

CHINA: Wooozy

Worldwide Collaboration CompanyCrying Launer Remix (feat Chairman Ba & MC Stone)

Download: World-Collaboration-Company-Crying-Launer-Remix-China.mp3

Nobody knows who the people behind World Collaboration Company are, but anyone in China who listens to them will find something familiar. WCC mash up cross-talk recordings, TV series samples, Chinese propaganda songs as well as rock and hip hop, and put an overwhelmingly sarcastic touch to it. While some criticize WCC’s sound collage approach as being too lighthearted, others can argue WCC are simply one of China’s best and most clever sample players. Love them or hate them, one thing you can’t deny is WCC reflect the true pop landscape of modern China.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo

MULAA. Grisales

Download: MULA%20-%20A%20Grisales%20(cancion%20del%20afro-beat)%20(Colombia).mp3

With much pride we present MULA, a kind of supergroup formed by Santiago Botero and Mange Valencia. Armed with saxophones, bass, drums and guitars, they effortlessly incorporate anything from punk to jazz to champeta – they don’t recognize genres, but sounds. It’s a very particular and special view that takes form in the track A. Grisales, inspired by Colombian TV’s first diva, Amparo Grisales.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian

SPEkTRThe Infirm

Download: SPEkTR_-_The_Infirm_Denmark.mp3

Three years on from their second album Personetics, SPEkTR release The Door Is Paint On A Rock EP on September 23. Frontman Manoj Ramdas (also The Raveonettes, The Good The Bad) calls it Soundtrack’n'Roll and there’s no good reason to argue with that description. Here’s the awesome EP’s first single, The Infirm, which also comes with this video.


MediopickyLa Ola (feat Cristabel Acevedo)

Download: Mediopicky%20ft.%20Cristabel%20%28From%20Las%20Acevedo%29%20-%20La%20Ola%20%28Dominican%20Republic%29.mp3

Urban-alternative sensation Mediopicky pairs up with Cristabel, one of the twins from the folk duo Las Acevedo, to make a sweet, summery track. La Ola, from Mediopicky’s upcoming EP Cantinas, features moombahton beats specially made for Cristabel’s tender voice, conveying that feeling of saying goodbye to the last days of summer.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria

Rima Roja En VenusBendición De Ser Mujer

Download: Rima%20Roja%20en%20Venus%20-%20Bendicion%20de%20ser%20mujer.mp3

The impressive female rap of Rima Roja En Venus shows the strength of the fight against discrimination and violence. These two women use music and poetry to express social criticism with a positive message. Bendición De Ser Mujer is taken from their 2012 album Libre Albedrio. You can see the video here.

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound


Download: 02%20Prisms.mp3

From movie soundtracks to Japanese arena shows to a US tour with The Cure, this electronic outfit from Sheffield have had one hell of a career since forming back in 2001. The cult heroes’ fifth album Wild Light is out this month, and finds the band continuing on their mission to retro-fit the future. Mixing together a myriad of glitches and orchestral sounds they’ve created yet more of their signature brew of complex but hearty digital delights.

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee

Thou Shell Of DeathThe Night-Wind

Download: Thou%20Shell%20of%20Death%20-%20The%20Night-Wind%20-%20MAP-2013-08%20-%20Estonia.mp3

This strongly ambient-influenced black metal band is majestically atmospheric, with mesmerizing live shows. Thou Shell Of Death has played all over the Europe, sharing stages with well-known and underground acts (Strid, Negura Bunget, Vesania, Altar Of Plagues, etc). The Night-Wind is from their new album Sepulchral Silence, released this month by Austrian label Talheim Records.


MaglevsVan Rijn

Download: maglevs_van_rijn_finland.mp3

Indie band Maglevs play organic dream pop with strong dynamics that might draw comparisons with Okkervil River. They have just released a debut EP that you can hear and download on SoundCloud.


BlentCafe Coffee Tale_Bummer

Download: Blent-CafeCoffeeTale_Bummer.mp3

Blent is the music project of Bangalore-based Aniket, a game designer by profession and an experimental electronic music producer seemingly by way of hobby. Blent has just released his first formal set of tracks that became the Dusk EP, available for free download from Bandcamp. Blent’s music lends itself to the experimental genre but can be best described as The Postal Service meets Four Tet, coming together with the staccato pace of the garden city of Bangalore.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar

BikiniesDance Floor Mafia

Download: BIKINIES%20-%20Dance%20Floor%20Mafia%20-%20Indonesia.mp3

All girls, all fun, all wild on stage. Influenced by the 90s alternative scene with distortion and yelling, Bikinies offer one of the rawest sounds in Jakarta.

ITALY: Polaroid

His ClancynessZenith Diamond

Download: His_Clancyness_-_Zenith_Diamond.mp3

His Clancyness, once a solo project for A Classic Education’s Jonathan Clancy, now a full band, deliver an intense and psychedelic, sometimes dreamy, sometimes fuzzy sound inspired by the likes of Deerhunter, Kurt Vile and Lower Dens. Amazing new single Zenith Diamond is taken from Vicious, one of the most important Italian rock albums of the year, which gets a UK/US release on October 7/8 through FatCat Records.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies

CosmosmanUnique Fun Fiction

Download: Cosmosman%20-%20Unique%20Fun%20Fiction%20(Japan).mp3

It has gotten to the point in the Kansai region of Japan – made up of cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe – where new electronic artists pop up nearly daily. It takes a lot to jump out from that crowded scene, but Kobe outfit Cosmosman do just that with Unique Fun Fiction. It is a playful number with an Enchanted Tiki Room vibe, but made even better by the unsettling nature of the vocals. It comes from the stellar Ananga Ranga album, available via the link above.

MALTA: Stagedive Malta

Alex AldenJust Like You

Download: 02-Just-Like-You.mp3

Alex Alden takes every opportunity to play live and share her lyrics and poetry through song. Having performed extensively in various venues around the islands, she is now relocating to Holland for the next few years. Alden’s music is heavily influenced by blues, pop and classic rock, and draws inspiration from jazz whilst exploring the trials and tribulations of young adulthood, often using the themes of nature, mythology and childhood to communicate her message. Earlier this year she released her debut EP The Curious Child.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika

Mood-FuPerros De Fu

Download: 01-Perros-de-Fu.mp3

Mood-Fu, formed by two brothers from southern Mexico City, have released their first album after a very successful introductory EP. Filled with bass, soul and R’n'B flavors set to angular lyrics and enjoyable rhymes, Perros De Fu is a powerful portrait of the city’s nightlife with a little bit of social critique and urban apocalypse. The release features various friends and stars from the Mexican indie music scene.


Iván FajardoMe Voy Dejando

Download: Iv%C3%A1n%20Fajardo%20-%20Me%20Voy%20Dejando%20%28Peru%29.mp3

Iván Fajardo is a musical icon in Peru, his musical independence reflected in bands such as Indigo and Era. It is displayed once again in his first solo album, Vímana, the highest point of his career. This new beginning has 10 songs full of mythology, nostalgia and melancholy. In Hindu mythology Vímana is a flying machine and the album promises to be a space trip.

POLAND: Łukasz Kuśmierz Weblog

Furia FutrzakówNoc Wystarczyć Ma Na Dłużej

Download: Furia%20Futrzakow%20-%20Noc%20wystarczyc%20ma%20na%20dluzej%20(Poland).mp3

Four years after releasing their self-titled debut LP, Warsaw electro-pop duo Furia Futrzaków are back. They have moments when they sound like Junior Boys, as you can hear in Noc Wystarczyć Ma Na Dłużej, a single from Kalejdoskop EP, but things are a little bit different here. Soulful vocals, lyrics about mainly happy (but difficult) love and a warm coating are Kinga Miśkiewicz and Andrzej Pieszak’s own contribution.

> PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?

Nome ComumCuco

Download: Nome_Comum_-_Cuco_-_Portugal.mp3

Nome Comum (“Common Name”) are a quartet led by two siblings, Bernardo and Madalena Palmeirim. Both are writers, players and singers in the band. Cuco, which is also the name of their debut album released this month, is their first single. It has a video directed by Gonçalo Soares.

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie


Download: Un.Real%20-%20Piloto%20-%20%28Puerto%20Rico%29.mp3

Gardy Pérez began experimenting with an analog tape recorder back in 1995, a direct response to the cancellation of MTV’s seminal Alternative Nation. Trying to channel all the energy of the shoegaze movement he had been exposed to through television, Pérez founded Un.Real, becoming one of the great emerging bands from Puerto Rico’s west coast underground scene. An extended hiatus and various line-up changes later, Un.Real is back and revitalized in their new EP, Épico. The song Piloto showcases the dreamy soundscapes Un.Real is so adept at while adding guest vocals by Xavier Rodríguez of local band Indigo.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise

PoetripAşa Ceva

Download: Poetrip%20-%20Asa%20ceva%20(Romania).mp3

Described as a mixture of krautrock and Japanese psychedelia, Poetrip is a band who became popular by promoting their music as a dadaist manifesto. They make use of pop clichés to convey attention to absurd and often psychedelic musical contexts.


Blood RelativesFowl Mouth

Download: Blood-Relatives-Fowl-Mouth.mp3

Formerly known as Kitty The Lion (featured in the Music Alliance Pact’s October 2012 edition), Blood Relatives create upbeat folk-pop songs of a peerless quality, wrapping irresistible hooks around the unique talents of Anna Meldrum, whose lyrics are peppered with wordplay, double entrendres and puns, with particular fondness for animal-related content. Case in point is MAP exclusive download Fowl Mouth, the opening track of debut album Deerheart, whose release on October 28 through Comets & Cartwheels can’t come soon enough. While you wait, check out the videos for album tracks Dead Hip and Deerheart.

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie

Square The CircleBitchquito

Download: Square_The_Circle_-_Bitchquito_-_South_Korea.mp3

Rock band Square The Circle has a fondness for uptempo tunes that give them a chance to show their colors. They’ve been around for a couple of years and released their 1003 EP in August. Bitchquito is a song with great energy, telling the story of a girl that sucks blood like a mosquito.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You


Download: Wharfer%20-%20Architect%20%28USA%29.mp3

Brooklyn’s Wharfer is the musical project of Kyle Wall. Wall complements his gentle and emotional backing music with commanding vocals that cut through the speakers with one intention: to make the listener feel every word. With every subtle artistic choice, Wall is simply defining himself as a songwriter with the intelligence to back up his raw talent.

VENEZUELA: Música y Más

Da ViandaNómada

Download: Da%20Vianda%20-%20%20Nomada%20(Venezuela).mp3

In late 2012, and after nearly a year as a band, Da Vianda recorded their first EP, which contains six songs written by these four young boys from Puerto La Cruz. “Our goal is to have fun and create honest music,” they say. Their self-titled EP can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

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Music Alliance Pact sierpień 2012

Jako się rzekło, Polska dołącza w tym miesiącu do Music Alliance Pact. Sprawdźcie, kogo polecam z naszych światu jak i rekomendacje innych blogów. W tym miejscu przełączam się na język urzędowy oraz szablon MAP-u. Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the whole 34-track compilation through Ge.tt here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
Liza CasulloRojo Lojojo
After alt-rock band Doris broke up in 2007, most of its members started their own musical projects (Onda Vaga and Valeu!, among others). Singer and guitarist Liza Casullo decided to go solo, but she took some time off to develop her acting career. A couple of months ago she released her first official album, Velvetbonzo. It’s a great record in which a minimalistic acoustic sound blends with psychedelia, garage and folk. Rojo Lojojo is our favorite song, which we also managed to capture on video during one of her shows.

Download: LizaCasullo-RojoLojojo(Argentina).mp3

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
It’s a guarantee that tidy string sections and pulsating drums will typically heighten melodramatic feelings of bad love and melancholy, but you can’t pass over this glorious track from Sydney’s Cogel. Those violins and cascading treble guitars which duck and weave out of the chorus provide a nice backdrop to the band’s quieter moments and slight Arcade Fire stylings that mesh together so well. If Felusine is a pitch into the musical void, someone needs to sign these guys real soon.

Download: Felusine1.mp3

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig
PlaidedFreaks And Geeks
“Would you run run run run run run run to my place and watch Freaks and Geeks all night long?” We totally would! Plaided is an acronym that was inspired by a Girls Rock Camp participant’s band and thus matches the feminist background of Veronika Eberhart and Julia Mitterbauer. The duo will go on a US tour with Grass Widow in September and also record a 7″ record there. Freaks And Geeks is taken from their debut album Playdate, recorded by Wolfgang Möstl (of previous MAP act Mile Me Deaf).

Download: Plaided%20-%20Freaks%20And%20Geeks%20%28Austria%29.mp3

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado
IconiliO Rei De Tupanga
The fusion of jazz, experimentalism and African beats is the guideline for Iconili, formed by eight young musicians from Minas Gerais. O Rei De Tupanga is their new single, taken from their forthcoming album.

Download: Iconili%20-%20O%20rei%20de%20tupanga%20(Brazil).mp3

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts
ExpwyWarm And Stricken By Lashes
With Little Hand Fighter, Expwy’s fifth album in two years, one-man band Matt LeGroulx sets his sights on the oft-neglected genre of bossa nova, imagining how it might have sounded if, instead of originating in the 50s and 60s, it was borne out of late century indie-rock sensibilities and lo-fi production values.

Download: Expwy_Warm_and_stricken_by_lashes_Canada.mp3

CHILE: Super 45
The PaintingsSunrise
Eija-Lynn and Hieronymus are The Paintings. Besides being a couple in real life, the duo revisit the vigor of 70s garage, Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound and the apathetic rage of The Jesus And Mary Chain. The music speak for itself, though, and this song Sunrise is their newest single.

Download: The_Paintings_-_Sunrise_-_Chile.mp3

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo
Planes (Estudios Universales)Lonelii
Within the new movement of pop/rock bands in Colombia, Planes (Estudios Universales) feels like a blast of fresh air. The quintet have no borders or limits in their search for folk and electronic sounds. As we wait for their first studio album, enjoy Lonelii.

Download: Planes%20(Estudios%20Universales)%20-%20Lonelii%20(Colombia).mp3

DENMARK: All Scandinavian
Alcoholic Faith MissionRunning With Insanity
Released in 2011 in Denmark, Alcoholic Faith Mission’s fourth full-length, Ask Me This, is now available worldwide and thus there are no good reasons not to check out the outfit’s alternative pop. Begin here with the excellent Running With Insanity.

Download: Alcoholic_Faith_Mission_-_Running_With_Insanity_-_Denmark.mp3

ENGLAND: The Guardian Music Blog
Stealing SheepShut Eye
This all-girl Liverpool trio’s debut album Into The Diamond Sun is more Staves/Warpaint than Atomic Kitten. The fact that one of the members hails from an area with a rich folk tradition seems to have seeped into their music, which has a pagan-ish, medieval quality to it. Elsewhere it is possible to detect influences as varied as The Go-Go’s and The Monkees, The Doors and Talking Heads, and there is a blend of good old-fashioned “played” instruments and electronic drones and effects, but always the folk elements shine through.

Download: StealingSheepShutEye1.mp3

Satellite StoriesAnti-Lover
Indie quartet Satellite Stories have delivered several party songs over the last couple of years to become one of Finland’s most promising acts. Anti-Lover is the first single from their debut album Phrases To Break The Ice which will be released this autumn. It is three minutes of energetic guitar-based, dance-oriented indie-pop.

Download: satellite_stories_anti_lover_finland.mp3

FRANCE: Yet You’re Fired
The AerialClarity
The Aerial are one of France’s top up-and-coming bands. Hailing from Nancy, they released their first EP in April, in which each of their songs show a different influence, all while staying very danceable. In just four songs, they manage to sound like The Rapture, Foals and Foster The People. Clarity is their most electro-pop oriented song and is supported by a killer beat and an impeccable production. Don’t miss unreleased single Running on YouTube.

Download: The%20Aerial%20-%20Clarity%20%28France%29.mp3

GERMANY: Blogpartei
Let’s continue our little series of new Kraut with Berlin trio Camera. Although they connect to the old Kraut by playing with Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius, their music sounds refreshing. First single Ausland keeps the typical meandering melodies and synths but brings back rock to Krautrock. Their debut album, due out this month, incorporates many more influences and will, of course, be released on Bureau B.

Download: Camera-Ausland%28Germany%29.mp3

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda
The Last DriveChild Of The Sky
The Last Drive are regarded as one of the most important and influential bands of the Greek underground music scene. They were formed 30 years ago and, through their explosive live performances and unique sound, became rapidly popular. After their dynamic comeback in 2007 (they split up in 1995), they released Heavy Liquid, a crafted mix of intense, raw rock ‘n’ roll songs, blurred melodies, addictive fuzz guitar riffs and almost primitive drums that unites disparate musical elements into blasts of noisy cohesion and howling passion. Right before the recording of their new LP, they have just unleashed News From Nowhere, an imprint of the difficult times we’re living.

Download: The_Last_Drive_-_Child_Of_The_Sky_-_Greece.mp3

ICELAND: Rjóminn
Jónas SigurðssonÞyrnigerðið
This is the first single from Jónas Sigurðsson’s upcoming third album, Þar Sem Himinn Ber Við Haf (“Where The Sky Touches The Sea”). Jónas, who is widely considered one of the most inventive musicians in Iceland, reinvents himself yet again by introducing electronic influences to his otherwise soulful, folksy and rhythmic sound. If you like what you hear you should really check out his first two albums.

Download: Jonas-Sig-Thyrnigerdid-Radio-Master.mp3

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar
Awl is Joan Lumanauw (The Wispy Hummers) and Mickey (Tenderpaw) creating noises and melodies for the world to dance to. You might think of The Raveonettes or Best Coast but if you listen carefully you’ll find something of their own.

Download: Awl_-_Albertine_Indonesia.mp3

IRELAND: Nialler9
OrquestaKokomo (feat. Jape, Kathi Burke & Katie Kim)
His recent acceptance into the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy is yet another reason to pay attention to Dublin producer Orquesta. Previously, he shot to attention with this gorgeous cover of The Beach Boys holiday anthem Kokomo. Featuring the vocal talents of Irish stalwarts Jape and Katie Kim, the song is a modern tropical uplift.

Download: Orquesta_Kokomo.mp3

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies
Greeen LinezPalm Coast Freeway
Greeen Linez take a lot of inspiration from City Pop, a style of music that was popular in Japan during the late 80s and early 90s. Palm Coast Freeway captures this luxurious sound quite well, the elegant synths and bass suitable for both a dance club and a bank lobby. Palm Coast Freeway is on the album Things That Fade, which features even more modern takes on the City Pop sound.

Download: Greeen%20Linez%20-%20Palm%20Coast%20Freeway%20(Japan).mp3

MALTA: Stagedive Malta
Hey Sus!The Press
Mike and Andrew write tunes under the name Hey Sus! They try to create surfy indie-pop-folk with hip hop beats, provided by Thom. They recently released a split EP on cassette with Clandestines, titled Summer Camp For Pale Young Boys, from which The Press is taken.

Download: Hey-Sus-The-Press-Malta.mp3

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika
Soul CompasPor Insurgentes
Soul Compas is a rap group formed by Eric El Niño, Konceptos and Milio Boogie, three well-known MCs from the Mexican rap scene. With the influence of Native Tongues, G-funk and post-Dilla movements, they have created Al Compás Del Soul, a humorous and fresh album that can be downloaded for free on their website. Por Insurgentes is one of their most interesting tracks. Aside from those swell samples, they’ve pictured an imaginary trip on one of the most important avenues of Mexico City, Insurgentes, which happens to be the longest road that crosses the city north to south, and shows most of its contradictions and emblematic places.

Download: Por-Insurgentes.mp3

HerzchenschmerzchenTic Tac
Herzchenschmerzchen, a word written in German and difficult to pronounce, is the name of Maria Jose Jordan’s solo project. This young woman reveals her indie-folk interests in her self-titled debut EP. Get ready to open a Pandora’s Box of musical gems such as the sweet Tic Tac.

Download: Herzchenschmerzchen%20-%20Tic%20Tac%20%28Peru%29.mp3

POLAND: Łukasz Kuśmierz Weblog
Fair Weather FriendsFortune Player
As MAP’s first ambassador for Poland, I bring you some catchy electro-pop from Fair Weather Friends. Fortune Player was used in an official commercial for this summer’s Heineken Open’er Festival (and Coke Live Festival) and caused some internet buzz thanks to its goofy video. You may have heard dozens of pop songs based on synth hooks on MAP but what you might not realise is that this singer is white, with Michał Maślak originally from guitar band Searching For Calm.

Download: Fair%20Weather%20Friends%20-%20Fortune%20Player%20(Poland).mp3

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?
PAPERCUTZWhere Beasts Die
PAPERCUTZ returns to MAP with an exclusive track. Where Beasts Die is from their new album, The Blur Between Us. Bruno Miguel’s impressive project has paved its way with hard work, gathering a considerable fanbase outside Portugal. They were recently selected for the Red Bull Music Academy, which will take place in New York next year.

Download: Papercutz_-_Where_Beasts_Die_-_Portugal.mp3

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie
PasajeroEn La Playa
Daniel Vicente brings a delicate blend of pop, rock and electronic flourishes to his art and music project, Pasajero. His most recent EP boasts three layered tracks that highlight this idiosyncratic mix of influences, ranging from local acts like Superaquello to international names such as The Postal Service. En La Playa is a powerful tune featuring guest vocals by Carolina Martinez. With a dreamy pop quality that reminds us of waves slowly crashing at the beach at dusk, the song also addresses Puerto Rico’s current state of affairs and the alarming apathy that seems to have taken over its inhabitants. A great lead-off track for a “political dream-pop” playlist.

Download: Pasajero%20-%20En%20la%20playa%20-%20(Puerto%20Rico).mp3

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise
Changing SkinsPerfect Foes
Changing Skins is an eclectic Bucharest-based band who rock the thin line between alternative and electronic music. They plan to release their debut album in October. NME recently posted a live video of their song Baby on their website.

Download: Changing%20Skins%20-%20Perfect%20Foes%20(Romania).mp3

RUSSIA: Big Echo
Cream ChildWith The Wind
School Skulls is not just another sweet summer record with soft beats – it’s a great balance of good and evil, happy and melancholy, that results in tunes inspired by Russian folklore, candy, death and marvelous melodies like With The Wind.

Download: Cream%20Child%20-%20With%20The%20Wind%20%28Russia%29.mp3


QuickbeamSeven Hundred Birds
Quickbeam play at a volume that requires pin-drop silence from the audience and they’ve got the talent to write songs that demand such reverential obedience. Harmonium and strings shepherd Seven Hundred Birds into beautifully fragile and exquisitely precise spaces, marrying the raw intensity of Low with the melodic emotiveness of Sigur Rós. Cinematic stimulation is provided by the song’s staggeringly ethereal promo video.

Download: Quickbeam-Seven-Hundred-Birds.mp3

SINGAPORE: I’m Waking Up To…
MUONAqua Assault
The muon is an elementary particle similar to an electron. MUON is also a musical entity that exists in Singapore, whether as one person (Nick Chan) or more (currently, Jordan, Ren and Adam). Despite its varying states of existence, MUON’s music is rather akin to its sub-atomic namesake with its deconstruction of pedantic structures, but also as intelligent, intense and cryptic aural and visual forms. Always exciting and always new, MUON has been forged in its singularity, and their craft emerges through parallel universes.

Download: muon-aqua-assault-singapore.mp3

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie
Lang LeeHahaha
Lang Lee could be likened to a Korean Daniel Johnston, but with her own crazy and quirky, sometimes delightfully whimsical, storytelling ranging from teaching Yoda enough Japanese to be able to order green tea to love stories inspired by Kurt Vonnegut. Hahaha is an example of the latter and comes fresh off her just-released first album Yon Yonson.

Download: Lang_Lee_-_Hahaha_-_South_Korea.mp3

SPAIN: Musikorner
PajaritaAnimals (ASIMO Remix)
Pajarita began in March 2012 as the musical project of Norah Alexandra Vega and her ukelele and, a few months on, she’s already about to release her first album via Discosdelrollo. Pajarita’s style can be described as lo-fi pop, dreamy and awesomely catchy for its simpleness and discretion. Animals (ASIMO Remix), though, might be the exception that confirms the rule about her music.

Download: Pajarita%20-%20Animals%20(ASIMO%20Remix)%20(Spain).mp3

Picture, aka David Kyhlberg from the enigmatic duo Sail A Whale, makes elusive, trance-inducing electronic pop that’s nothing short of amazing. True, the title track and first single from his debut EP, is no exception. This is probably as close to The Tough Alliance as you can get in 2012. The EP is out now on one of our favourite labels, Cascine.

Download: Picture%20-%20True.mp3

BigglesLet A New World Begin
Sven Rüf aka Biggles from Zurich is a singer-songwriter with a special talent for making music that sounds simultaneously humorous and fragile. His songs always come with a decent dose of mischief, which is why we love him so much. His fifth long-player Cloudspeaker is released this month, guaranteeing pop music without boundaries.

Download: Let-A-New-World-Begin-Switzerland.mp3

Adult MonkeySupermarket
Adult Monkey is one of the cutest groups in Istanbul. They nestle all kinds of genres, especially chillwave, ambient lo-fi stuff. Besides being a band, Adult Monkey also contains illustrations and animations. In fact, Adult Monkey is a whole life portfolio for the two cartoonists who put together the band. Supermarket, their newest release, is a knockout track for the hot hot HOT summer.

Download: adult_monkey_supermarket_weartbeat_turkey.mp3

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You
Louisville, Kentucky’s Houndmouth writes music that I like to call “recession rock”. Their music echoes the dirt roads of back-country counties during the night, the discarded bar stools in the back lot of an abandoned whisky joint, or the overall beauty that can sometimes be found in despair. Houndmouth, while young, bring the similar sounds of The Band back into contemporary rotation.

Download: Houndmouth%20-%20Penitentiary%20%28USA%29.mp3

VENEZUELA: Música y Más
Los PolaroidEl Blues De Sus Piernas (Chicago Blues)
Los Polaroid formed in Maracaibo in 2010 with the idea of creating a musical proposal inspired by genres like jazz and blues. So far they have released two EPs and are currently on a tour that will take them around the country.

Download: Los%20Polaroid%20-%20El%20Blues%20de%20sus%20Piernas%20(Chicago%20Blues)%20(Venezuela).mp3

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